I wish you well with the present salmon project. I suspect there will be some opposition, but I think there will be significant benefit to it for a great many people, directly and indirectly. Please keep me informed of developments.

All good wishes, Dr. John Byrne (Emeritas President Oregon State University)

“When we arrived in 1967 there were very few salmon landed out of Newport. Then came Oregon Aqua Foods and their incredibly successful salmon restoration programs.  We had salmon everywhere… until Taiwan’s driftnet boats caught all their fish. Salmon runs collapsed and Oregon Aqua Foods had no choice but to close their doors.

“There was a time when more than 2,500 boats went out over the bar at Newport to fish.  It’s time to bring the Salmon back with proactive, proven management programs. We can once again have jobs and vibrant marine industries in our coastal communities.  The salmon recovery plan proposed by Dr. Bill McNeil is a winner for everyone.”

John Brenneman.  (Former Mayor of Newport and State Senator)

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