Net Pens

Lake Ontario Net Pens - An Oswego NY Success Story

I believe that three things have led to Lake Ontario’s success: Quality fish- ery management, quality fishery scientists and quality volunteers. What do I mean by quality volunteers? Let me tell ya! Over the years volunteers have performed myriad valuable tasks. Things like stream clean up, keeping fish- ing log data, help with fin clipping, serving on fishery advisory groups and on and on. Notice I said quality volunteers and not the quantity of volunteers, for like most efforts the work of a few benefits the many. It is no different than any other voluntary undertaking no matter what the cause. That is just the way it is.

The Oswego NY Lake Ontario Net Pens project is the result of hard work by a reliable few. The results of their contributions benefit all who use the fishery. Building the pens, maintaining them, feeding the fish housed in the pens, cleaning the pens, monitoring fish condi- tion and growth, releasing the fish at the proper time, removing the pens from the water, cleaning the pens and storing them, then repeating the process year after year. It is this effort by quality volunteers that has made a huge difference in fishing success. The scientists call it catch per unit of effort. Once the fish are stocked, the forces of nature always pre- vail; however, it does help when those critters to be placed into the wild get a head start. That's what the net pens do.

It is really quite interesting to see just how great the sys- tem works. Tom is donating a copper rod and reel setup val- ued at $350.00 with proceeds from a 100 square big board going to the pen fund. Tom is not only one of our volunteers, he continues to be a huge help in raising needed funds.


Thanks to the work volunteers and all who contribute dollars to the project. Like I always say, It’s great to be a “Lake Ontario troller.”
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