Thousands of summer jobs.

Thousands of summer jobs and millions of dollars are available for the Oregon economy if the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife would develop a practical program to restore Oregon’s once-great salmon industry to the central Oregon coast.

One billion salmon harvested worldwide
An estimated one billion salmon will be harvested worldwide in 2011.

Alaska harvested 200 million fish, employed 70,000 people and created more than a billion dollars to Alaska’s economy. Canada’s salmon industry created 40,000 jobs and 800 million dollars to their economy during this period.

What was once the West Coast’s largest salmon harvest is now decimated.  Newport, Oregon--according to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)—saw only 117 Chinook salmon harvested by mid-summer 2011.

It wasn’t that many years ago that the West Coast salmon industry supported 80,000 people and was valued at more than a billion dollars annually.

This shocking decline doesn’t have to be. This industry and its countless environmental and public benefits can be restored.